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Good Afternoon!

We hope everyone is having a great summer. As the mountains prep for next winter, we are looking at HCJRS bibs. If you would like to return your bib and get your deposit back they can mail the bib to Chase Ambler at PO Box 3315 Boone NC 28607.

If he doesn’t get the bib back soon, he will be ordering replacements. Racers will not be able to return or use the same bib next season.You are welcome to keep the bibs. If they aren’t returned, Chase will assume that the racers wanted to keep the bib as a souvenir.

Here is the list of bibs that are currently MIA…

1 Sugar Iannuzzi Virginia
36 Sugar Shanklin Colleen
62 Sugar SATOH Haruki
103 Sugar Hondros Hunter
104 Sugar Iannuzzi Theo
111 Sugar Schaaf Brody
114 Sugar Spychalski Nichola
122 Sugar Dwyer Keegan
123 Sugar Egerton Henry
125 Sugar Iannuzzi Coleman
132 Sugar Davis Kylie
142 Sugar Stierwalt Scarlett
150 Sugar DeJong Bryson
151 Sugar Egerton Davis
161 Sugar Shanklin Wyatt
190 Sugar Turner Kate
198 Sugar Spradling Keegan
199 Sugar Oakley Chase
201 Sugar SATOH Rin
205 Sugar Stierwalt Slade
231 Sugar Satoh Seigo
235 Sugar Charlie Martyn
238 Sugar Brigman Landon
243 Sugar Paris Henri
244 Sugar Mezzullo Eleanor

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