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Good Afternoon! 


I hope everyone is doing well! We have a bunch going on this weekend so please read carefully…  


  • USSS Racers-Get those skis tuned and waxed and ready for race day.  Do some recovery, get your mind right, eat a good dinner and get some sleep. Take a couple/few night skiing laps if you want.  Just don't burn up your legs before race day. 
  • HCJRS Racers-Sign up for the HCJRS race before 5pm. Get excited for skiing. Watch a race, ski movie, etc. Go night skiing.  Do some recovery, yoga, etc. 


  • USSS Racers-will slip between 8-8:45, racing will start at 9am. The race is SL. 
  • Non USSS RacersWe will start practice at 8:30.  Wear GS skis.  We will do drills with coaches to prep for the Beech race. Tune & Wax those skis after practice for the HCJRS race


  • USSS Racers-will slip between 8-8:45, racing will start at 9am. The race is GS.  
  • High Countrybe sure to sign up by Friday at 5pm (registration link sent in email earlier this week).  Be ready to load the lift as soon as it opens. We will slip the race course as close to 9am as possible.  The race will start at 10.  For all details please go to 
  • Doing both races? If you have done it before, god speed. If you have not done both USSS and HCJRS in the same day, talk to a coach or experienced parent about how to pull off the double.  


  • Be on time for practice. 
  • For your warm up run, start on Northridge. Save the blacks/double black diamond slopes for later runs.  
  • Get excited about skiing! Take care of your equipment, watch ski videos, learn about ski racing, etc. 
  • Do things during the week that will help your skiing.  Play sports, play outside, do yoga, stretch, eat healthy, and exercise. Older kids-do exercises specific to ski racing.  Do some cardio, weightlifting, Pilates, Crossfit, plyometrics, HITT, etc. Build those explosive movements. Play other sports.  The best athletes are all multisport athletes.  

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